In his own words: Chris Abele: Fighting to Change Milwaukee County

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Milwaukee County is a world-class community, and there is no other my wife and I would rather live and raise our family.

But we all look around and see there are serious problems at the county, and the future of our community hangs in the balance. If you’re like me, you know we must do better. And if you’re like me, you know we can.

This is why I’m running to be your county executive, and why I hope to earn your vote on April 5. We need to do more to grow economic opportunity, help small businesses and create jobs–particularly in the African American community where unemployment is unacceptably high.

We need to do more to preserve vital services that people rely on everyday–like our transit system that connects workers to jobs, students to school and people to the community. And we must protect health care, parks, help for low-income families and mental health services.

For too long these priorities have been allowed to decay because the status quo at the county doesn’t work. To bring change, we must first reform the culture at Milwaukee County. We don’t have an “ideas” problem, we have a leadership problem. And it’s why now–more than ever–Milwaukee County needs a leader who isn’t a career politician and isn’t bound to the same old way of doing business.

This is why I’m running for county executive: To create jobs and opportunity in every corner of Milwaukee County; to make sure services are protected; and to ensure your county government is responsible to you.

I’m running because I believe in our Milwaukee County, and I want to bring it back. That’s what’s at stake on April 5. And like you, I know that it’ll take bold ideas and new leadership that isn’t afraid to break from the status quo to get it done.

Political game-playing too often gets in the way of progress. I’ve spent years working hard to make Milwaukee County a better place. I’ve worked to strengthen key county institutions–like the Mitchell Park Domes, Bradford Beach and the Marcus Center.

I’ve teamed with other civic leaders to study the county’s fiscal problems, and advanced ideas that can save the county millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

And I’ve partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee to raise resources and invest in important programs that provide thousands of young people in our community with hope and opportunity.

I want to continue the work of making Milwaukee County a better place to live as your next county executive. I’ll fight for jobs, and bring the change and reform we need. Learn more about my vision of our county at, and I hope you’ll vote Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive on April 5.

–Chris Abele, candidate for Milwaukee County Executive

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