In the midst of trouble, God will prepare a place for you

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Since shortly after the death of my beloved dog Smidget Smuckens I have wanted to get another dog. My mother on the other hand, while missing Smidget terribly, was not at all excited about a replacement.

Her complaints are legitimate – I’m never home during the day, which means that she has to watch the dog and my dogs are spoiled to a level of rottenness that would make the Dog Whisperer cringe.

Since we couldn’t agree on getting a new dog I stopped mentioning it.

Sunday, my mother called me to tell me that she had a dog with her. Puzzled, I hurried home so that I could see what she was talking about. It turns out that as my mother was heading home there was a tiny dog in the road that hopped in her car. Not only did the dog get in, it went right to the passenger side, curled up in a ball and layed down. Baffled, mama took the dog home then called the police to come get the dog who was now in our garage wondering why she wasn’t inviting him in.

I made it home and let the dog in; shortly thereafter the police arrived. When the dog went out to the porch to see the officer, the dog barked and clowned as if to tell the policeman, “I don’t know why you are here, but I’m not going with you.”

After a mild standoff and ton of coaxing – which included lots of clapping and playing, and high pitched encouragement – my mother got the dog in the police car, promising the dog through the window that everything would be ok.

As the police were leaving Mother said: “If no one claims the dog, I’ll take it. I don’t want anything to happen to such a nice dog.”

Amazed by the change in her attitude, I thought about God and how, when we are at our lowest moments – abandoned, lost, afraid, wandering the street, away from home and the people who love us, or in a police car – God is right there to claim us and calm us.

The next day we called animal control and no one claimed the dog. They began to explain the procedure, which included a waiting period of seven days. I reflected on the awesomeness of how even now, while the dog is in “doggy jail,” God has already created a prepared place for the dog. Sitting in his doggy cell playing his doggy harmonica, he has no clue that the lady whose car he jumped into is getting ready to bring him home and spoil him, just like the others. Kibbles this week, popsicles and popcorn next week. He just has to hold on and know that God even has the tiny dogs on His mind.

Beloved, if God is making arrangements to better the life of a dog – you HAVE to know that He is making plans to better your life and mine. While you are in your current situation – God has another situation lined up that will exceed anything you have every experienced before. Sometimes it takes a series of pits to get to the palace (remember Joseph in the Bible?) but when it is all over, the end makes the journey worth it.

This week, learn a lesson from the puppy: Be determined to get help even if it causes a traffic jam, speak your mind and wait on the Lord for the prepared place He has created for you.

If you hold on through the waiting period, I can almost guaranty there will be “popcorn and popsicles” waiting for your arrival!










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