‘Inception’ is a sci-fi dream!

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Leonardio DiCaprio and Ellen Page star in "Inception."

by Judy Marker, MCJ Movie Critic

If you are looking for a most innovative and entertaining non-alien science-fiction thriller, “Inception” is the film to see. Opening in the top spot this past weekend with over $60 million, this one lives up to expectations.

Writer, director and co-producer Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) has assembled a first rate cast and directs them in one of the most unusual big screen adventures yet. Even superstar Leonardo DiCaprio when first shown the script was reportedly amazed.

For him this is a dream movie about dreams. Come along on a fast-paced 2 hour and 28 minute journey that will require some thought process to get the full impact of this unique adventure.

Don Cobb (DiCaprio “Shutter Island”) is by trade what is known in the near future as an “extraction” expert who is able to enter one’s subconscious and gain valuable knowledge. In a surprise move, he is hired not to gather information, but to implant.

This is going to be Cobb’s last and biggest operation, and for him, a must before he can retire. He is hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe “Batman Begins”) one of the world’s richest industrialists to inject an idea into the brain of archrival Robert Fischer, Jr. (Cillian Murphy “Batman Begins”) to destroy his industrial empire.

If Cobb is successful, his client’s empire will dramatically expand while Fischer’s crumbles. The bottom line for Cobb if successful he will be able to go home to his children in the United States. You see Cobb is a wanted fugitive on the run and all charges will be dropped if he succeeds.

To accomplish this first-time mission, Cobb must assemble a topnotch support team to help him plant Saito’s instructions into Fischer’s mind through a dream.

Included are Ariadne (Ellen Page “Juno”) as the architect creating the locations for the dreams, Eames (Ton Hardy “Marie Antoinette”) who takes on different identities, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt “500 Days of Summer”) the psychologist. Helping out Cobb also is his father-in-law Miles (Michael Caine “Batman Begins”).

Since most of the action happens during dream sequences, we are treated to mind-bending special effects you will want to see again. This is definitely big budget. After all, what would you expect from director Nolan whose pictures have already banked well over a billion dollars? He is definitely a blockbuster director who never disappoints.

Well written and directed, the cast performs up to their top billing. The only weakness in this movie is a lack of narration that requires you to follow the story closer than you might like too. Filmed in eight countries, this is a real dream trip.

“Inception” is rated “PG-13” for sequences of violence and action throughout.

It is easily the best of its class in a long time and receives my highest rating of “5-J’s/See It Now!”

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