Independent filmmaker releases new book to help students accomplish dreams

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Independent filmmaker & playwright C.L. Woodson III, known for his award-winning film “The Hitt-Maker” and newest inspirational drama “Leave It At The Altar,” recently launched his new book.

Woodson’s book, “Platinum Bound” is intended to help young students start accomplishing their dreams.

Throughout the book, Woodson takes his readers from his early life, troubles with the law, and redemption to a life of which he can be proud. Despite a troubled start, Woodson transitioned into what he calls an “indie success.”  With the release of three national direct to DVD movies, he knows the true meaning of, with hard work and determination, dreams are possible and can become true. 

Divided into five main sections (Dream It, Think It, Believe It, Speak It, and Go For It), the book provides stepwise advice that preteens and teenagers can start enacting today.

“My brother suggested that I write a book,” Woodson said when asked why he wrote the book. “With the high crime rate, and so many youth getting killed or locked away, I thought maybe my brother had a point.” 

“At one time I thought life was hopeless, I was living for today and not thinking about tomorrow, but then I changed, so hopefully this book will encourage and inspire others to view life differently, as I now do.”

Written in a fresh and an avuncular style, Woodson shows young men and women that, although their peers may doubt them, they have the power to change their own lives to the better. “Platinum Bound” is perfect for class discussions, and could be used as a tool to inspire youth to remove the self-doubt. 

With his message of hope, redemption, and self-belief, Woodson hopes to inspire middle- and high-schoolers to live the lives they want to live.













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