Internet radio/call-in to help community make sense of the Black dollar

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“Us Lifting Us, a economic development cooperative created to help Milwaukee’s Black community take control of the economics in the community, will hold a International Radio/Call-in presentation of the ULU Cooperative Economic Empowerment Plan.

The broadcast will be Thursday, July 4 at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative is advancing a powerful plan and business model that will empower the community. ULU is now doing online presentations of the Plan for brothers and sisters in the United States and beyond.

This is an interactive presentation with Q&A. The presentation will be live participants will be able to view the graphic pages on their computers. The presentation will start from the ULU website:

The radio side allows persons from outside the U.S. to come to the presentation without long distance charges.

The cooperative businesses developed by this powerful plan will not only benefit the community, it can also benefit individuals and their families.

To participate by phone, call 619-326-2725, code 263-2133 (#). To arrange for this presentation at other times, call 404-952-2077.










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