Is it just me?

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Is it just me, or are disgruntled White folks going off the deep end about the election of Barack Obama?

Of course not all Whites. Even though less than half of them actually voted for Obama, it was their collective support that put a Black man in the White House.

In fact, it was heartening to see the tsunami of young White support for Obama. The Generation Xers formed the cornerstone of not just the Obama campaign, but also a new cultural paradigm. It may truly be one in which people can be judged by the context of their character, versus the color of their skin.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the Obama victory has apparently sparked a tidal wave of racial animosity. And it’s not just the usual suspects—prejudiced conservatives, red necks and crazy confederates.

The Wednesday following the election I stopped by a gas station in Menomonee Falls to purchase some coffee. I was wearing my Obama for President cap. The hostile stares I received spoke a language that put Black folks on the defense. I asked several brothers and sisters if they encountered similar scenarios. Most said they did.

A nurse told me an elderly White man refused to have her treat him.

A Black gas station attendant said a White guy cussed him out and threw money at him.

An e-mail that is circulating spoke of retaliation, and what would happen if Black folks ‘start getting too uppity.’

A fire department union official—a so-called liberal Democrat and close friend of the governor’s—calls Obama a nigger. He is forced to resign.

Milwaukee police are still investigating a ‘plank’ where bullets are drawn on a target with Obama’s picture. Remember, these are the people entrusted to ‘protect and serve.’

And then there is the surge in gun sales. News reports claim the purchasers are fearful that Obama will restrict the sale of automatic weapons. Many Black pundits think otherwise.

Of course I could be totally off base. But then again…

This should be a time of racial healing. Instead there’s a cloud of racial hostility hovering over our country.

Hopefully it’s just temporary. But I say you depending on where you travel over the next couple of months; you would be advised to watch your back. As the saying goes, ‘if you find yourself walking through hell, best to keep walking…’






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