“Is the Black community too busy focusing on Dr. King’s ‘dream’ and not focusing enough attention on making his dream a reality?”

Written by MCJStaff   // January 25, 2014   // 0 Comments

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

get-attachment (2)Darnell Y. Bennett: “Yes, I believe that the work Dr. King did has left a major mark and left big shoes to fill. Society has placed a few obstacles that many people often find difficult to overcome. The boldness to stand-up and speak are overcome by feelings of fear of how the people of our society will react.”


Victor Barnett: “I don’t think we spend too much time focusing on the Dr. King dream; he deserves all that. But we do need to spend more time on actions and efforts he would have wanted.”get-attachment (1)









get-attachmentTonit M. Calaway: “One is not exclusive of the other. We are trying to take care of basic needs and the energy to do that makes it hard to move forward. The greater community has to step-up our game to help make change!”


Shanee’ Jenkins: “It is time for our community to focus on the present and the future by making Dr. King’s dream a reality. We have made some improvements. Fifty years later, however, we cannot be satisfied. With continuous issues still with education, poverty, and other challenges, including human trafficking! Dr. King set the tone; spoke of the challenge and we must work at tackling them daily!get-attachment (3) 



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