It’s their Birthday

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Lisa Smith, Gail Hicks, Calvin Robinson, Jeff Berry, Tameka Brown, Jesie Dawkins, Crystal Owney, and Ptosha Davis celebrated their birthday big-time at the Elks Lodge on Good Hope. Folks came from all over the Midwest to celebrate with some of the best steppers in the Midwest.

Many of those celebrating their birthday are members of the Milwaukee Boppers and Steppers United, MBSU. MBSU is a multi-generational danced company that was formed to bring social dancing back, in the form of man/woman steppin. I-Witness’s favorite style of dancing that the group performs is the ballroom dancing. They do it just right, like back in the day with Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Cab Calloway, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gregory Hines and Debbie Allen. MBSU is the dance company where the grown and sexy get their groove through steppin.

Ya’ll know they partied! Most of the women were dressed with a high fashion, but a’ 60ish style of dress. I think many of them thought they were wearing the model Twiggy’s fashions. Lisa Smith was too cute with her tie-dyed mini dress, with the back out and her stacked shoes. I loved it!

Bill G of Bill G VIP Productions of Chicago was in the house. He is considered the official steppers host and the largest steppin event in the Midwest.

Marshall and Linda Martin celebrated 32 years of marriage at the steppers party.

I think if they could have they would have stepped for 32 hours as they sang “I still got love on my mind.” Holla!

As I stated, all kinds of folks were in the house: DJ Sherman and Desirre Morton, Veronica Adway, Horace B. Jones, Vido, Denard Long, Cynthia Wilson, Jesse Dawkins, Victor and Clarisse Smith, Jerry and Freda Johnson, Kathy Harmon, Jeff Lemon, Faye Jones of Racine, Frenchie Beckum, an I-Witness Favorite KG, Andrew Allen, Mark Wade and Essy Joney of Indiana, who goes all over the country steppin’.

Dr. Mellow Crisp rocked them; the dance floor was always filled with the Josephine Bakers and Cab Calloways. Many of the guys were dressed in their Calloway duds, as they slid across the floor in style just being too cool. Holla!

It was party, ya’ll they were doing every kind of line and shuffle dance there was.

Jeff Berry got a real surprise for his birthday. He was called up to sit in a chair, the music started and a real, real belly dancer came out to entertain him for his birthday. A gift from his friend Denise Crumble, he didn’t know what to do. We had a good time watching him with his surprise gift. Holla!

All the birthday folks laid out a nice dinner with each one having their own special treats at their table.

Gail Hicks who was celebrating her 70 plus birthday, had it going on as well, she was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List all night. Girl Friend had it going on, Holla!

All the birthday folks were brought to the front and their guest lined up in front of them. Each guest took turns dancing with their birthday person for a few minutes. It was their salute to their guest. Pssst, I’m not going to tell ya’ll the guys really lined up to dance with Lisa. My little Sista had it going on in that mini dress. It was a real Happy Birthday to you.  Holla!

Hey, Lisa and the MBSU birthday celebrants, I-Witness had a great time. I’m still steppin in the name of love. Happy Birthday!

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