Jeff Stone Won’t Stand up for Our Community

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by State Sen. Lena Taylor

Suburban Republican Jeff Stone is running for Milwaukee County Executive to continue the Scott Walker agenda, and people in the community should be concerned. Jeff Stone has never stood up for our community, and he won’t start if he’s elected.

Jeff Stone has marched in lockstep with Scott Walker virtually from the beginning. Stone promised to follow the Walker template as county executive; he also said he wanted to follow in Walker’s footsteps.

For those who need reminding, Scott Walker’s tenure as county executive was marked by massive cuts in critical services. The transit system suffered year after year of route cuts and fare increases.

Walker shut down the economic development office in the midst of the worst recession in decades, and at a time when African American unemployment remains at staggering heights.

Social services for those in need failed to work. And the mental health system was plagued by a sexual assault scandal.

This is the Walker legacy as Milwaukee county executive, and it’s what Jeff Stone says he wants to continue. Anyone who thinks this is worth protecting isn’t standing up for our community.

As a state representative, Jeff Stone has voted with Gov. Scott Walker in Madison every step of the way. Stone voted to strip public employees of basic collective bargaining rights that protect against unfair treatment and unsafe working conditions. And Stone stands by Scott Walker’s dangerous budget that slashes funding for our schools, for transit and other key priorities. That’s not standing up for our community.

And Stone’s primary legislative issue in the Wisconsin State Assembly is trying to pass the most restrictive voter ID bill in the country, a bill that will make it harder for people in the community to exercise their right to vote. That’s not standing up for our community.

On April 5, we can elect Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive–someone who will fight for jobs and stand up to move our community in the right direction.

That’s something Jeff Stone won’t do.

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