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Studies have shown that if you can intentionally change a behavior for 21 days you have a great chance of making that short term change a long term place of victory.

I believe that making changes in our lives is one of the most difficult things that we chose to do. Often we spend our lives resisting, praying against or pushing away change, often causing us to miss something fundamentally necessary for our growth.

God has and is challenging us to move forward and pursue positive change.

Every parent can attest that there came an age where you stopped tying your children’s shoes for them, stop letting them wear diapers or ride a bike with training wheels.

If left to their own devices kids would be comfortable being catered to however as a parent or responsible adult in their lives you understand their need to spread their wings and learn how to do things independently.

The good thing is that they have you standing by if anything goes wrong and you are willing and able to help.

You are not divorcing yourself from them or being uncaring, you simply realize that there are things that hey will never know that they are capable of accomplishing unless you step back, let go, and allow them to experience life, bumps and all.

I remember getting into a car accident in my mother’s car shortly after my 18th birthday. A man ran a stop sign and demolished her car. The car was totaled but by the grace of God I was not.

I left the ER with my arm in a sling and other minor injuries. My mother looked at me and said, “If your arm wasn’t hurt I would make you drive home, you can’t be afraid to drive because you had an accident.”

Years later, one of the youth who I was teaching how to drive wasn’t listening to my directions and hit a car in the midst of a driving lesson. I was not as gracious as my mother, but when I finished fussing, I tossed her the keys and had her drive home because I understood the importance of getting up and trying again.

God wants us to grow and commit to making changes that help us to progress in life and become who He designed us to be. There will never be a magical wind that blows that transforms you. God expects us to commit to doing the internal work that will allow us to come into maturity.

For the next 21 days challenge yourself to make a commitment to better yourself through small, tangible things that will make you feel good about yourself and the life that you live.

Whether it’s getting up a few minutes earlier to exercise, to read the Bible daily or to take better care of yourself by taking a vacation, getting a massage or being intentional about eating better.

Use a journal to chart what you did for yourself each day. You will soon see that the more you minister to yourself the more you have the ability to minister to others.

The more you refresh yourself the more others will find your presence refreshing. I already began my 21 days, why don’t you join me then email me to let me know how things went.

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