Judge pays tribute to Drum Major for Peace

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Pedro Colon

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Those words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could not be truer than they are on this important day.

Today is a day not only for the celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. King, but also for the tireless movement for equality and understanding that he helped foster across the nation.

Be it through his peaceful assembly or his soaring rhetoric, Dr. King helped show all Americans a better way forward and helped remind us that we are all created equal.

We have made tremendous strides in the advancement of equality, yet we do remain imperfect.

We must do more as a community to bridge the gaps that we allow to divide us. We must do more as a community to fight injustice.

Since being appointed to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in September, I have worked hard every day at the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and justly.

Those appearing before me often come from difficult economic situations, and if we as a community want to ensure that these young children can grow and prosper, we must ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law.

Today we take pause to remember Dr. King’s life and legacy. We reflect upon his teachings, but more importantly we use those teachings to move our nation, our state, and our city forward.

It is up to each of us to fight for a more just and equal society. Working together, we can overcome the barriers and truly honor Dr. King. By Judge Pedro Colon, Milwaukee County Circuit Court

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