Just Wait! It’s Not Over!

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The church recently began a Girl Scout troop in the hopes of positively occupying the time of a handful of girls. By the end of registration we had over two dozen girls and the task finding projects, crafts, and life lessons to meet all of their interests and needs.

Our first project was to create a garden. We started with an elaborate presentation on the stages of growth between a seed and a beanstalk. We had pictures of four main stages and had each girl begin her project.

Clay pots in hand, each girl poured in dirt, pressed in seeds and watered the tables, themselves, each other and eventually the seeds. At the end of the afternoon each girl took her dirt-filled pot home to watch the progression of the seeds growth. Three pots were left on the windowsill at the church so that we would know how the girl’s seeds were progressing at home.

About three weeks after planting, the beans had grown above the surface and were getting noticeably larger. Six weeks passed and the plants needed to be transplanted into larger pots and have sticks placed inside so that the stalk would have support.

Everything looked right on track. Then one day I went to check on the beanstalks and saw purple flowers!  Why in the world would I have flowers when I planted beans?

I looked at the large posters with the stages and the poster did not mention purple flowers. Yet after doing some inquiring among people who are more “garden literate,” I was informed that the flowers are just a stage in the growth process and in fact the plant was right on schedule!

Saints this week, I just want to encourage you to wait because it (whatever your “it” is) is not over!

Part of my questioning and concern came simply because things did not look the way I thought they would. I was concerned because the chart did not tell me things would work this way. Some of you are living life angry, confused and bitter because life does not look the way that you thought it should.

No chart or manual told you in advance that you would be unemployed this long, have a child die or see a loved one incarcerated. You never would have gotten dressed up and spent all of that money to invite everyone you knew to witness your wedding if you had known that you would have to face these same people again one-by-one in a few years and explain for the 500th time that you have gone from newly married to newly divorced.

There are times when one can look at what has grown and wonder what was planted. The great news that I have for every believer today is that God made us an enduring promise in Romans 8:28! “…All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

When you begin to step back and pray and seek the face of God for answers He will let you know, “Just wait! It’s Not over”! Even if that marriage is over- YOU are not over. Even if the verdict reads, “Guilty” YOU are not over.

God will use the worst of our circumstances to take us beyond our comfort zone into a place better than we ever could have imagined. Do not be shaken by what you see! Simply trust God for every detail and every open door in the timing that He sees fit!

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