Kaleidoscope: Craig Robinson gets his host on

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Craig Robinson

by Tonya Pendleton, BlackAmericaWeb.com

Depending on what you might need most in life, it’s good to know at least one if not both Craig Robinsons. It’s possible that they even want to know each other.

To clarify things for those of you who have no idea who either Craig Robinson is, let’s make it easy for you. One of them has Barack Obama’s closest personal ally within phone’s reach, the other might be able to get you on TV or in a movie.

That Craig Robinson can certainly help you become a comedian as that’s his job. His public profile has blown up mightily in the last year, not so much because he shares a moniker with the First Brother, but because he’s had the kind of breakthrough year that turns people from actors into superstars. The 38-year-old one time music teacher earned a starring role on the fourth season of the hit NBC TV show “The Office” he starred in “Hot Tub Time Machine” and voiced characters in “Shrek 4” and on “The Cleveland Show” and has accomplished all of it within the last decade.

He’s become so hot that he hosted against himself as host of the “VH1 Hip Hop Honors” and as the latest host of “The Last Comic Standing,” both of which debut Monday night.

“I kidnapped [last year’s host] Tracy Morgan,” he told TV Guide.com of his selection as VH1 Honors host.  “I don’t know how I got chosen [but] it was so much fun; one of the best experiences in my career.”

For the very first time, Hip-Hop Honors focused on a theme instead of honoring specific people. This year, it was Dirty South Music, so of course there were a lot of the Atlanta, Miami and New Orleans artists who made a showing.

The comedy competition “The Last Comic Standing” returned Monday night as well. Now in its seventh season, the show was on the chopping block until NBC brought it back with Robinson as the new host. As it has been in the past, both the judges and the audience have power in determining who will be the ultimate victor.

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