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Review: “Prince of Persia” fails to impress!

by Judy Marker, MCJ Movie Critic

Walt Disney Pictures and award-winning producer Jerry Bruckheimer (“National Treasure”) combine to present a live-action version of the popular video game “Prince of Persia” with disappointing results.

The movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” is this year’s third film based on a video game, this one dating back to 1989 when it was created by Jordan Mechner. With a cost reported at around $200 million, it took in just $30 million in its weekend debut.

Now headed to become one of Disney’s great failures money wise, you would think the studio would have realized by now that movies based on video games seldom make money and that is what moviemaking is all about in Hollywood.

Jake Gyllenhaal (“Donnie Darko”) stars as Dastan, a medieval Persian prince who teams-up with the beautiful Tamina (Cemua Arterton “Clash of the Titans”) to protect the dagger that holds the sands of time and can even destroy the world. Of course there is more to it, but sadly we have seen all this before.

Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley (“House of Sand And Fog”) is Nizan, King Sharaman’s brother, who watched over Dasten as a youth.

The best performance is by Alfred Molina (“Spider-Man 2”) as Sheik Amar, an ostrich race promoter who holds King Sharaman responsible for much of societies ills especially taxes.

Call it “Aladdin” or “The Scorpion King,” other then the special effects and Parkour stunts, the story fails to take us in a new direction. Writers Boaz Yakin (“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”), and Doug Miro (“The Uninvited”) handicap the fine cast with poor dialog and gaps in their nearly two-hour story.

Gyllenhaal trained for months to fit the action hero role, something new for the 29-year old star.

“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” however just isn’t the right role for this highly talented actor.

Surprisingly the movie was not made in 3-D or IMAX. With its high cost, you have to wonder what Walt Disney Pictures was thinking when they first decided to make this epic.

With only a few super action scenes, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” is not worth a trip to the big screen.

Rated “PG-13” for intense sequences of violence and action, there are far better movies coming to a theatre near you this summer. That is why it receives my rating of just “2-J’s/Wait for DVD!”

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