Keep kids busy, learning this summer

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Making stamped alphabet magnets is a fun activity for children.

Family Features During the school year, kids focus on the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. Make summer a time to explore their interests. Plan trips and activities that keep them learning and enjoying their favorite topics.

• Learning is as close as your computer. Both YouTube and Ted Talks feature short videos that educate and inspire.

• When visiting the library for books this summer, pick up a few DVDs covering your child’s favorite subject.

•Arrange a mini-internship. If one of your kids loves animals, ask a veterinarian if your child could observe at the office for an afternoon.

• Explore the great outdoors at summer camp. Instead of sending your kids away, look for local day camp options focusing on nature, sports or other activities.

• Volunteer opportunities abound. Look for charity work tailored to your child’s interest to combine learning with helping others.

• Connect with clubs in your community, such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H. Each group encourages learning, outdoor activities and friendship.

The most important part of summer should be family so use those extra days of freedom to spend more time together. Involve your child in the daily routine. A trip to the grocery store is a great place to see math, reading, problem solving, and decision making in action. They’ll learn a lot about etiquette and social skills just being along for the ride during “grown-up” activities.

Attend free outdoor movies, explore museums, visit relatives or play group games. Also set aside crafting afternoons to paint, play with modeling clay or make special projects, such as Stamped Alphabet Magnets. Not only will everyone have the fun of making them, they can be used on the refrigerator all summer to keep kids spelling or simply share special messages.

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