Keeping Your Spirits High

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My Brother’s Keeper


by Rev. Joseph McLin, Th.


The most powerful thing that you have, in what you may consider the worst of times, is a properly used positive thought.

Circumstances that are beyond our immediate control do not necessarily determine what our lives become nearly as much as do the thoughts that dominate our minds.

You can never overcome anything until your thoughts are creative and positive. It is important that we lift our minds to a higher level. Mentally and spiritually, as we raise our mind above the defeats and other conflicts that confront us, believers in Christ will receive help from Him in the form of clearer thinking, deeper understanding, and renewed strength. When your thoughts are in confusion, and not aligned with His love and purpose in life, you live in an unreal world; and can’t see your way out of it.

If anyone, whose life is confused, disorganized, frustrated or lacking in positive thought or determination, the best thing to do is to get healed of such negatives and become filled with positive faith.

When you have moods of discouragement, negativity, or despair, never think that the sun will never shine again in your life. As on a cloudy, stormy weather day, you always have to believe that the sun will eventually return; its absence, like your problems are never permanent. Keep believing in your faith, knowing that soon you will rise into the sunshine again.

Another positive way in getting your spirits lifted is to empty your mind of all negative thoughts. Anything that is hateful, fearful, and evil or that makes you feel apprehensive, get it out of your system, so you can start to move onto your positive journey.

God has given you sunshine in the past, so look now for the sunshine of the future that is available to you.

You can hardly expect your spirits to soar, when they are weighted down with resentment, self-pity and ill will. If you go around and around in a circle carrying these negative thoughts, your spirits will continuously be held down.

The question is: “Just what must we do?”

We must lift up our thoughts and minds to higher places, getting our minds off of destructive attitudes toward other people that don’t always like us, think like us, or always agree with us. We must get our minds off our own self-hating, failures, and personal resentments, and lift ourselves to a higher place. We must lift up our minds to God and let our faith in Him rain down upon us.

Whatever you do, don’t spend your life telling the world and yourself that you do not have the strength or desire to live a good life for yourself and all those close to you. We can’t conquer our own big limitations by our own unaided strength.

Our faith in God will set us free. He has freed people from shrinking; He has freed them from self-doubt; He has freed them from their sense of inferiority; He has freed them from dishonesty, infidelity, from all their sins. He has freed them from limitations of every kind.

What are you a captive of? Claim it and then turn your life over to God, surrender yourself to Him, and you too will see He truly will set you free from your captivity.







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