Kenya Should Tread Carefully As Oil Production Approaches

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The Ngamia 1 oil rig in Turkana, Kenya Photo: Joseph Kariuki/The Star

The Ngamia 1 oil rig in Turkana, Kenya
Photo: Joseph Kariuki/The Star

As the Kenyan government aims to get legislation governing its emerging oil sector before parliament by June, many are starting to ask whether the country will overtake Uganda and become East Africa’s first oil exporter.

With reserves estimated at 600 million recoverable barrels of oil in the Lake Turkana region and the UK’s Tullow Oil reporting a number of successful well tests, there are many within the country who believe production could start as early as 2016.

Tullow Oil certainly seems confident that more is to come, saying in their annual report 2013 that “Uganda and Kenya are now at the heart of an emerging powerhouse in future global oil supply markets”.

But while Tullow continues its exploration in the South Lokichar Basin where a number of successful wells have already been drilled including Ngamia and Twiga, there are a number of issues that stand in the way of rapid development.

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East Africa's first oil exporter


Kenyan government

Lake Turkana region

South Lokichar Basin


UK's Tullow Oil

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