Kim And Kanye Name Baby Kaidence

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by Ruth Manuel-Logan, NewsOne

Hollywood “It” couple Kim Kardashian (pictured left) and Kanye West (pictured) have reportedly given their love child a name,Kaidence Donda West.  Donda West was the name of Kanye’s late mother who died unexpectedly in 2007, after a plastic surgery procedure. Now, Kaidence has joined the ranks of the famed Kardashians and their affinity for girl names that begin with the letter “K,” reports The Atlantic Wire.

Kim’s sisters’ names are KourtneyKhloé,Kylie, and Kendall, with momager Kris standing at the helm of the Kardashian brood. Baby daddy Kanye, Kim, and superspawn Kaidence have now completed the “K” trifecta.

Kaidence, which means rhythmic flow of sounds, is more commonly spelled as “Kaydence” or “Cadence.”  The name first appeared in the United States in the early 2000s and then mysteriously spiked in popularity in 2003 and 2004.

The 2003 film “American Wedding” had a “Cadance” character portrayed by actress January Jones, and so the name, with its myriad of creative spellings, was launched in to the mainstream as fashionable and much desired.

Given Daddy Kanye’s musical universe, Kaidence seems like a perfect fit for his baby girl.

Now, just picture it, in the next couple of decades, there will be a slew of Kaidences all across the globe.






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