Lay ministries to be honored

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St. Mark to hold Laymen’s Day July 18

John Thomas II

St. Mark AME Church, 1616 W. Atkinson Ave., will hold its annual Laymen’s Day July 18. The Laymen’s Day program will be held during St. Mark’s morning worship service starting at 9:50 a.m. St. Mark is pastored by Rev. Darryl Williams.

All of St. Mark’s Lay ministries will be honored.

The Laymen’s Day theme is:  Building on Our Global Legacy of Christ-Centered Leadership and Training Scriptural Emphasis (Mark 16:15, Ephesians 4:11-13)

The keynote speaker for the Laymen’s Day observance is John Thomas III, a University of Chicago doctoral candidate who is noted for his compassion for the people- the downtrodden, the under served, the misinformed.

His current title is Connectional Young Adult Representative for the Connectional Lay Organization and was a member of the 13th Episcopal District delegation to the General Board of the African American Episcopal Church.

Thomas is a member of St. John AME Church in Nashville (where he was born), and has affiliated with congregations in the Sixth, First and Fourth Episcopal Districts.

In the AME Church, Thomas has served in various capacities at all levels of the Connection in the YPD as well as the Lay Organization.

He served as a WMS Sojourner to the Dominican Republic in 2002 as one of the Spanish translators for the 16th Episcopal District.

Additionally, Thomas was the 13th Episcopal District Young Adult Floor leader for the 47th and 48th Quadrennial Sessions of the General Conference.

He translated vital parts of the AME Church Discipline from English to Spanish to benefit the people of the Dominican Republic. He is a frequent writer for the official AME Church newspaper, The Christian Recorder.

Lay Organization president is Doris J. Wallace. Lay Day Public Relations persons are Evangelist Christine Mitchell and Bro. James Martin.

For more information, call St. Mark at 414-562-8030.

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