Learning How to Respond to a Changing Landscape

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Representatives of nonprofits who work with families and individuals in need were offered some valuable tools at the 5th Annual Symposium on Poverty. The daylong event was held for nonprofit organizations and businesses and was organized by the Social Development Commission (SDC).

The goal of the Symposium was to provide information on how programs and services which work with low-income residents can serve the growing number of persons in need at a time when traditional public funding sources are drying up. Sessions were conducted on corporate – nonprofit partnerships, how to operate a nonprofit in a more business-like manner, trends impacting both nonprofits and foundations, the pros and cons of merging nonprofits, corporate social responsibility, social media for nonprofits, and collaborative strategies for nonprofits.

The panel discussions and presentations prompted animated discussion between presenters and Symposium participants during and after the workshop sessions. Dr. Gregory Thornton, Superintendant of Milwaukee Public Schools, and Secretary Eloise Anderson of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families were keynote speakers.


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