Legislators Ask for Hearing on Minimum Wage Bill

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Senator Nikiya Harris

MADISON - Senators Nikiya Harris (D-Milwaukee) and Robert Wirch (D-Racine), along with several of their colleagues, held a press conference Tuesday, requesting a public hearing on Senate Bill 4, which would increase Wisconsin's minimum wage to $7.60 an hour while indexing it to inflation. During the press conference, Senator Harris spoke out about how an increase in the minimum wage can help boost Wisconsin's economy: "It is unacceptable that individuals that work full time cannot support their families and are forced to rely on public tax dollars in order to get by.

Research shows that the overwhelming share of employers of low wage workers are extremely profitable corporations with large numbers of employed workers. Raising the minimum wage helps build an economy that works for everyone, instead of just the richest 1%. Instead of forcing taxpayers to subsidize these profitable corporations who pay poverty wages, we should invest in common-sense solutions like raising the minimum wage in order to help workers get off of public assistance. Holding a public hearing would allow everyone to come to the table and have the conversation of how we can move Wisconsin's economy forward together."

Senate Bill 4 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor, which is chaired by Senator Glenn Grothman. After the press conference, Senator Harris hand-delivered a letter to Senator Grothman's office. The letter, signed by Senator Harris, Senator Wirch, and twenty-four of their Democratic colleagues, asks Senator Grothman to hold a public hearing on the minimum wage bill.


Senate Bill 4

Senator Nikiya Harris

Senator Robert Wirch

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