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Lewis and Clark Statute eliminates York, a black man, who was a vital member of the expedition.

This statue of Lewis and Clark in St. Charles, Missouri, eliminates the black man, York, the servant of Clark, a vital member of the expedition, and substitutes a dog instead, as pictured.

(The NorthStar News & Analysis)

This is an historical tort against national and Missouri black history. It defames “Big Medicine’s” memory, as well as his documented, invaluable contributions to the success of that expedition! That name, “Big Medicine” was bestowed upon York by the awestruck Indians who thought he was the leader of the expedition and who respected his strength, agility, blackness (which to them symbolized power and dominion) and ‘hair like a bison.’

I do not even recall a dog being mentioned in the Journals of Lewis and Clark at all, when I perused them for references to York. This is a deliberate omission and an insult against blacks in America and Missouri! When blacks sleep on their history this is what happens!

The Rev. Dr. Larry Delano Coleman
6837 Lakeshore Dr.
Raytown, MO


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