Letter to the Editor: Celebrate a Smoke-Free Father’s Day

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Traditionally dad has the role of protector, provider and head of the household—and rightly so. This Father’s Day, I would like fathers to consider protecting your family in a non-traditional way—commit to a smoke-free home and lifestyle.

Childhood exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) is a serious threat to public health and is often influenced by parents. We all know the perils of smoking, but for those dads who use tobacco products, quitting is not only good for your health, it sends a message to your children—you care enough about them not to expose them to second hand smoke.

The reality is our children do what they see, not what we say, so as the head of the household, show them that smoking is not good for them. Discourage your children from smoking, by setting an example. And, show them that even though quitting is difficult, you care enough about them, their health and their well-being to stop using tobacco products.

Studies show that children face a higher risk than adults of the negative effects of secondhand smoke. Not only is a child’s body still developing physically, but their breathing rate is faster than that of adults. Adults breathe in and out approximately 14 to 18 times a minute, where newborns can breathe as many as 60 times a minute. Up until a child is about five years old, the respiratory rate is quite fast; usually between 20 and 60 breaths per minute.

We all know the dangers of smoking and using tobacco products. But, this Father’s Day, one father to another, I encourage you to set the example—do it for yourself and your family. This Father’s Day, give your children the gift of love and a better life. Quit smoking!

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