Local 100 Black Men seeking high school senior scholarship applicants

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by Taki S. Raton

The 100 Black Men of Greater Milwaukee is pleased to announce the Future Leader Scholarship opportunity initiative.

Sponsored by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., in January of each year, the 100 provides annual scholarship awards to deserving matriculating seniors who will be fulltime students in the coming fall at an accredited, post-secondary institution.

Scholarship dollars can assist youth in completing educational goals by providing resources to offset expenses associated with tuition, books and housing.

The scholarship program allows the 100 to identify potential youth leaders in our respective local communities and motivates them to achieve academic and community service excellence.

Eligibility requirements established by the 100 detail that the successful applicant must be an undergraduate student or high school senior transitioning to college; have a minimum grade point average of 2.50; plans in the fall to attend an accredited institution of higher learning for the entire academic year; will have completed 50 hours of “active” community service within the past 12-months; can demonstrate organizational leadership involvement, and submit a 600 typed word essay.

Applicants are asked to submit the typed essay on one of the following topical subjects: Politics, Sagging, Reality Shows, Social Networks, or Sexting.

The essay guidelines are specific regarding the focus of discussion. The Politics writing request thoughts on, given the extremely high unemployment rate in the Black community, discuss three reasons why African Americans will or will not support or work for the re-election of President Barack Obama.

“Is sagging a flattering fad or a generational statement” is the primary question shared in the Sagging category were this to be an essay topic selection. The applicant is further asked to detail how this generational statement should be addressed.

“With reality shows such as “Teen Mom” and “Sixteen and Pregnant” becoming so popular, the Reality Show choice ask what impact does such viewing have on teenagers.

The Social Network essay would examine the probable negative publicity that internet social networking may have among adolescents and bullying and why online social networks should or should not be supported. The impact of “sexting” on teen socialization is the writing focus in the Sexting category.

Scholarship applicants are expected to have completed 50 hours of “active” community service within the 12-months preceding the Wednesday, February 29 application deadline.

“Active Service” is defined by the 100 as “An activity that allows one to extend themselves in service to another without compensation, remuneration, personal gain or benefit” and “Leadership Involvement” will review evidence of leadership potential in a school or community organizational or club membership setting.

“We in the Milwaukee 100 are proud to be a part of this national network cultivating prospects of assistance to our youth with funding to meet their life goals with a college education.

“It would be our hope that high school counselors, parents and qualified seniors reach out by using the listed contact information to take advantage of this opportunity” says Dr. Earl Wheatfall of the Milwaukee 100 Black Men chapter.

Interested student can go online at the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. for details or preferably contact this writer at: blydendelany@yahoo.com. A support team has been established locally by the Milwaukee 100 Black Men chapter to guide seniors through the scholarship application process.

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