Local business celebrates one year, gives back to the community

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Darver’ Fashions Presents….

The Darver’s Fashions, 1st Annual Dress for Success Fashion & Hair Affair was a who’s who event held at the Hilton Hotel Downtown. It’s rare that I-Witness attends a fashion show. For me it’s like if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all; but this was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, Sankofa Project who does excellent work in our community. The fundraiser was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, a cause that I-Witness supports.

Sankofa means learning from our past and building toward the future. The American Cancer Society, Sankofa Project empowers underserved communities, through research, education, advocacy, and services to identify and to reduce cancer disparities by forging community partnerships and implementing culturally appropriate health strategies to indentify early warning signs of cancer as well as teaching and encouraging preventive health practices. Black people continue to be the highest group of all cultures to get cancer in all forms.

Those who work for Sankofa are truly outreach healers, they leave no rock unturned. They are everywhere from the streets to the suites, sharing information to educate and empower Black people regarding staying healthy and cancer free.

Darver’ Fashions sponsored the event. Minister Darrell and Veronica Walls are the CEOs of Darver Fashions and love fashions. The couple wanted to do something to empower people with their health. So they partnered with LaSonda Buck, CEO of AIA Promotions & Consulting, LLC. to raise money to donate to the Sankofa Project. What’s more, they thought it would be a great way to celebrate their first year in business. It was a great event.

I was seated at Gaulien Smith’s table with my girl, Michelle Allison who was also a volunteer with the event. Felicia Beamon, Jeanette Kowalik, Alta Smith, Paris Wilborn, Wayne and Tara Tomkins, and Eric Benet, oppps I mean Rogericks Toombs. Holla!

Dj Sherman rocked the house with smooth jazz and easy listening music during the reception. As we sipped wine and nibbled on appetizers.

All of I-witness’s favorite photographers were in the house: Isaiah Merriweather, Hank Clellan, Dennis McMurray and they were shooting up some stuff and they are good at their craft. Ya’ll know the karate kid was in the house, Danny who is security for many throughout the city. Ceiba Chavez was the Mistress of Ceremonies.

None of us knew who the models were going to be so to our surprise out came all I-witness favorite guys: National recording artist Cincere and was he sincere; Keith Franklin (KG) and Mr. Wonderful (Gaulien “Gee” Smith).

These guys were too sharp as they modeled from causal, to business wear to evening-wear. While there were cheers for all the models, Mr. Wonderful had his own fan club, cheering every time he came out. Holla!

The other male models were Richard Buck II, Raylynn Clayborn, Shon McLain, Marquis Wilburn and Mark Wade.

My sistas talk about fineeee and for no reason at all. Holla! All of these guys would have had you throwing them on the stage.  I loved it!

The women were on as well. The models were Kenyetta Chatman, Jovan Goodman, Zsa Zsa Haney, Latrea Hudson, Melissa Jones, Denise McLean, Natassia Marchbanks, Barbara Miller, Daa Iyah Muhammad, Deborah Moody, Akyaa Smith, Chrystal Stott and Sheba Baby Luv. The models took to the stage and made it their own. Chandra Stables, Lataya Sykes was also in the house.

Darver Fashions had something for everyone. There was casual wear, sport wear, evening wear, and children’s wear, wedding gowns and yes, Sunday going to meeting designs. Darver Fashions doesn’t just cater to the size 7 woman; they have nice plus-size designer wear as well.

Crystal Stotts was representing us plus-size divas. The designs she wore made all plus-size women tell the size seven women within us to move over. Holla! Crystal strutted her stuffed and she was classy, sexy and dignified. I loved it! Barbara Miller representing that new age and Zsa, Zsa were hot, hot, hot.

The models wore fashions from Darver Fashions. Darver Fashions sales nothing but the best. They buy the fashions from designers go all over the world.  Bringing to you the latest fashions from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, London and Italy.

Gladys and the Clips beauty Salon thrilled us with some unique hair styles to wear with the beautiful fashions and she featured the Demaris Style Team another salon she has co-partnered with.

Linda McHenry of China Designs presented custom made jewelry that many of the models wore.

There was also the introduction of a new line of the Body Magic two piece Contour Corset garment. It was designed by G.G. to specifically wear like a piece of clothing. It had rhinestones and everything.

Dj Sherman put together some really nice music for the models to do their thing. The models even walked on one of Cincere’s songs. Everyone there had a great time.

In closing, Minister Darrell and Veronica Walls were brought to present a check for $1000 to the Sankofa Project.

Darver’ is a combination of Darrell and Veronica names. They wanted their names to be a symbol of their love and partnership with one another.  Veronica thanked everyone and shared with us Darver’s focus “to provide excellent customer service. We will aim to please.”

The Darver’ team is a truly monumental team built of inspiration and above all God. With hopes of expansions in the future, they plan on servicing the Milwaukee community with great attire for both men and woman for years to come.

Minister Walls thanked all the other sponsors, vendors, models, and Jennifer of the Hilton Hotel. He then introduced his personal Pastor J. L. Holmes and Pastor Jones, who he said was personally sent to him and his wife by God. Sighting Pastor Jones has been a true blessing to them.

“Darver Fashions is Gods Business. Darver Fashions is anointed and appointed. If you want to be blessed sow a seed,” he said as he once again thanked everyone for attending the event.

Hey, Darver Fashions, I had a great time and it was a great that you chose the Sankofa Project to support. I-witness is a true believer in education. The more we continue to educate our community on the ways that we can help ourselves by practicing preventive healthcare, the healthier we as a community can become.

With more people like you, the models who volunteered their time and others putting out positive messages, as well as putting your money where your mouth is, we can make our community healthy and a better place to live. It takes big people to care about others. I-Witness thanks all of you for caring.

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