Local church to conduct prayer around the schools

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Prayer around the Schools is a campaign, sponsored by the Zion Community Church, to promote community support of schools in the Greater Milwaukee area

Concerned about the plight of Milwaukee’s educational system, one area church is determined to ‘look to the hills from whence cometh help.’

Prayer around the Schools is a campaign, sponsored by the Zion Community Church, whereby every first Saturday of the month church members and community partners gather to pray around an area school for one hour.

The campaign began at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year to provide an opportunity for the community to become involved in the education of Milwaukee’s children. The church firmly believes that of all the priorities we have as citizens and parents, one of the highest should be educating our children.

We cannot let this persist—the problem must be solved—and we believe prayer is the answer,” said Alia Williams-Ashley, Zion Community Church Co-Pastor. “To make certain the learning environment is productive so our children’s academic needs are met; we need to insert our faith. Drastic situations require faith; when we combine our faith, we release miracles to benefit our children.”

In addition to praying around schools, the Zion Community Church also donates resources to those schools to support their learning environment.

Said Williams-Ashley: “Other well-meaning groups have tried to turn around the plight of our children. It’s time for the people of faith to do what we do best, believe while praying so God will perform miracles in the lives of our children. It’s time for the power of faith to be showcased as a viable solution to this and other problems.”









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