Local man uses SDC services to help build a new life

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Loren Herbert

Loren Herbert is an example of a SDC W-2 program success story

A Milwaukee man is making a new life for himself and his family thanks to the skills and encouragement he got from a program at the Social Development Commission (SDC).
Loren Herbert is a single father of a teenager and was having trouble finding a job that would support them when he came to the W-2 EAA program at SDC last year.
After assessing his background, job skills, and interests, SDC staff encouraged him to get additional schooling in medical coding and billing. Herbert did that by successfully completing coursework at Anthem College.
He also participated in workshops through the W-2 program that showed him how to link up with employment opportunities and prepared him for the job interview process.
That experience, he says, motivated him and gave him the confidence to sell his skills to potential employers.
With the help of SDC staff, he started applying to different jobs and in mid-January, was offered a full-time position at EBIX as a medical billing specialist.
Herbert’s work with the W-2 staff at SDC, he says, built up his belief in his ability to find a job and succeed at it and he encouraged others to take advantage of the programs at SDC which is the W-2 Eligibility and Assessment Agency for Milwaukee County.
Through his work with the program, he gained the confidence and resources he needed to land his job and begin building a positive future for himself and his family, Herbert added.
For more information on the SDC W-2 program, visit the SDC website at www.cr-sdc.org, click on the Programs tab and then the W-2 link or call 414-326-2900.

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