Local photographer Christopher McIntyre talks about being part of the WISCONSIN 30 art exhibit

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Christopher McIntyre


Christopher McIntyre’s art piece, “Higher Thought”

by Christopher McIntyre

As a child of Milwaukee, I’m elated to be apart of the Wisconsin 30 exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum as the youngest artist.

Wisconsin 30 is an intergenerational exhibition which presents a complementary overview of the themes of race & identity explored in 30 Americans, focusing on Wisconsin artists while the 30 Americans exhibition, a collection by the Rubell Family, spotlights the works of 29 national & international African American artists.

The Wisconsin 30 exhibition is curated by Sande Robinson of the African American Art Alliance at the Milwaukee Art Museum & Lynn Shumow of the Haggerty Museum of Art. It is open to the public until September 8th. Along with 30 Americans & Wisconsin 30, an interactive video experience called “Question Bridge” is on display at the Milwaukee Art Museum, sponsored by the Fellowship Open.

The Fellowship Open, the Daniels family & all of the people who make their endeavors live have a passion for art, people of Milwaukee & for excellence. I must send a special thanks to John Daniels III. I’m thankful for them being a model of success, community & the light of God. My art piece in the Wisconsin 30 is called ‘Higher Thought’, an archival giclee limited edition print. I believe art is a reflection of life. The piece is a snapshot of my life.

I’ve seen millionaires up close & I’ve seen drug dealers up close. So the piece talks about my choice. We are all blessed with free will so we choose between good and evil. The choice we make not only affects us but generations after us.

I could have succumbed to my negative environment & ran from my destiny but I chose the narrow path, the higher path as I focused on higher thought.

Forging friendships, alliances with great artists such as Della Wells, Sonji Hunt, Mutope Johnson, Sherman Pitts & many others makes me focus on longevity. Progress is apart of the rise; it makes me want to uplift every part of my life, especially my community. Milwaukee is amidst a renaissance within the art community so I am honored to be alive to contribute to it.

Along with my own corporation, CM Perceptions Inc., I am Vice President of Today’s Artist Guild which is an art non profit to provide platforms for artists, founded by Sherman Pitts. Today’s Artist Guild, also known as T.A.G., is a 501 (c)(3). T.A.G. holds exhibitions, community art workshops & events. T.A.G.’s next event is called

‘T.A.G. Talk’ featuring a curator from the Milwaukee Art Museum, William Rudolph, speaking to the art community about the importance of curating fine art at Bucketworks, recently located to the Grand Avenue Mall, for free on August 27th. The event starts at 6:00 P.M.

I am also apart of the Oasis Project with Della Wells, Sonji Hunt & Townsel Hunt. The Oasis Project strives to bring economic, social, physical, intellectual & creative development to neighborhoods through intrinsic holistic & educational programming with employment opportunities for youth as well as adults.

Thanks to Alderwoman Coggs, the Oasis Project is organizing an art show called ‘Art Comes Back To Bronzeville’ on August 23rd – August 24th for Bronzeville Week.

I must thank the Milwaukee Community Journal staff & Mr. T for allowing me a chance to give the youth of the city of Milwaukee an opportunity to speak via the “Youthful Perceptions” column that I pioneer for a season, under the leading of Darryl Carter.

Our generation is one of thinkers, doers, artists & analytical entrepreneurs. Considering we have our own version of the Great Depression via the Great Recession, we have to make our own way. The Community Journal taught me the value of communication & made me reevaluate how I reach out to my audience.

The black press is a jewel to the community of our people because we have to communicate to be in unity as a body of people; the power of the press is a great tool & resource to the people of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is the sleeping giant of the Midwest & the sleeping giant is awakening.

Thanks be to God


Christopher McIntyre




Wisconsin 30 Art Exhibit

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