I-Witness: Local school holds literacy fair

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B. White

by B. White

Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

Holy Redeemer hosted a Literacy Fair I-Witness joined freelance writer, Lisa Townsel; talk show host, Earl Ingram of WMCS 1290; Bob Moore, a reporter with Fox 6 News; Dr. Chuck Holloway, president of Human Development Center; Rowena Davis; School Board Director at Holy Redeemer Christian Academy, Dr. Valarie Daniels-Carter; Jeremiah Holiday, principal; and Kenneth Edwards, literacy instructor at Holy Redeemer.

The middle school students were to pick a topic that they would like to discuss about language. The top eight students were selected to present their presentation to us. Not only did they have to research but they also had to create a display that reflected their topic.

Each took different topics to present, which reflected a choice of six traits of Poetry, as Taylor Tucker explained to me. First, there is organization, capitulation, word choice, sentence fluency, voice and perspective. He had to explain his presentation, which was awesome and included pictures and other things on his board to illustrate and make the words come alive.

Arthur Cainion illustration was about nouns, which defines a noun as person, place, idea or thing. Pictures or sentences reflected the nouns usage.

Isaac Gillum chose to cover metaphors and personification that deal with non-human things and non-human traits. Like a bear driving a car. Cyrinthia Reasby selected Similes which compares unlike things using words like or as.

Cora Woods English board represented nouns, simile and metaphors.

Deonna Foulks chose onomatopoeia which is to spell out the words the way they sound.

Chelsea Rhodes shared with us things about simile, persuasion and poetry, which is all about the writer’s perspective.

Montanez Danzy did things a bit different. In her presentation she did clichés, nouns and verb. Clichés are those little life lesson your mother tells like “a hard head makes a soft butt.” She cited an example; we should have more literacy fairs because they teach you how to speak, write and act using the English tools.

Valencia Patton chose creative writing, verbs and simile. She states creative writing is like being a designer. You create the story and her display was in both English and Spanish. She’s bilingual.

Jacqueis Gooch says his key to the future, he chose Hyperbole and onomatopoeia. Hyperbole reflects when one exaggerates or makes things seem bigger than they are.

Lastly, Fayonsla Slaton chose persuasive writing. He gave lawyers as the example of the power of persuasion in the usage of words.

These young people were quite impressive. They knew their stuff and presented their examples and case well. They could all very well be teachers. That’s how good they were.

As a matter of fact, I asked many of them how they would teach their little brother or sister to read and learn English. All said they would pretty much do it in the same way that they have done with us. They made me feel like shouting “Keep hope alive—Keep hope alive,” because I was looking at hope all around me.

When children have that interest in school and are not afraid to challenge themselves—it stems from their household and parents who has an education mission, their school and teachers having an education mission and lastly the students themselves who has a thirst for knowledge.

Hey, Holy Redeemer Academy Christian School, I enjoyed spending the morning with you and ya’ll taking me to school. I loved it. I thank you for giving me so much for inspiring me and giving me so much hope that young people why come into their own and they will be all right in the future. So many have counted you out, but I-Witness knows better. I want to thank Hattie Daniels for inviting me, your parents for knowing the value of education and for trying to provide their children with you some of the best education, lastly, I want to thank the principal who sets the tone in the school and the teachers who give the students all they got and showed through your students. Keep Black seeds growing-Keep advancing that next generation I love it!

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