Local woman crosses state line in name of awareness

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On Saturday, May 28 at 9:00 a.m., Askia Haney will walk from Harpo studios in Chicago IL, through Detroit to her final destination, Windsor Canada. Haney, in her own way, is single handedly raising awareness for victims of domestic violence.

A walk such as this is not new to the Milwaukee businesswoman. In 2008 she walked in excess of 115 miles, taking her several days in hopes of connecting with Oprah Winfrey. Once she reached Chicago, Haney attempted to ask the talk show host to match any funds collected as the result of her trek. Although that connection was not made, Haney donated over $3,200 to the Sojourner Truth House, which was shared with the Task Force on Family Violence and the Jewish Services.

Sixteen years ago, she walked to Madison, Wisconsin from Milwaukee for the purpose of raising awareness about Alzheimer’s. Her mother had been diagnosed with the fatal disease at the time. Senator Russ Feingold met her on the steps of the State Capitol to congratulate her.

Now in 20011, Askia Haney is back at it again. She is currently raising monies for the construction of the WOW House, servicing women subjected to domestic violence.

Please stand tall with us against domestic violence. Donations may be given at sistersunwrapped.org using the convenient way of PayPal, or at skistotalbodywork.com Please drop off or mail checks payable to Women of Wisdom at sisters Unwrapped located at 5117 W. North Ave. Milwaukee WI 53208.

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