Longstanding history of Jericho Church Without Walls

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July 7, 1963. the Jericho Missionary Baptist Church family moved to 1923 North 12th Street.June, 2011, Jericho began the journey of renovating the property at 8086 North 76th Street. March 29-April 1, 2012, members will celebrate the opening of the new church facility. Church HistoryOn September 18, 1957, Rev. Charles W. Burns, Sr. and a group of believers, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, came together and organized the Gospel Temple Baptist Church, located at 1834 West Galena.The church remained at this location until March, 1959, when Gospel Temple relocated to 14thand CherryJune, 2011, Jericho began the journey of renovating the property at 8086 North 76th Street. March 29-April 1, 2012, members will celebrate the opening of the new church facility.

St. A couple of years later, in August of 1961, the Rev. Charles W. Burns, Sr. resigned as Pastor.

That same year, the Rev. A.L. Robbins was called and elected as Pastor of the Gospel Temple Baptist Church. Shortly thereafter, it was suggested by Deacon Ernest Brewer that the name Gospel Temple Baptist Church be dismissed and the name Jericho Missionary Baptist Church was adopted.

On the second Monday in January, 1962, Jericho Missionary Baptist Church was destroyed by fire. With no permanent place of worship available, the members met in the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.L. Robbins. After a series of moves, July 7, 1963, the Jericho Missionary Baptist Church family moved to 1923 North 12th Street. The church remained at this address.

This facility underwent a series of renovations to accommodate the growing needs of the congregation. In 1969, an expansion of the existing church structure to seat at least 300 parishioners was completed. In 1978, plans were made to expand the church once again. On December 21, 1980, the development was complete and the Jericho church family marched to their new home.

On the second Sunday in October, 1993, after 32 years of service, Rev. A.L. Robbins resigned as pastor. In December of that same year, Jericho Missionary Baptist Church voted and elected Rev. Anthony D. Burns, Bible school graduate and Associate Minister of the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, to become the new pastor as the church moved into the 21st century with the unified idea “Committed to Serving God.”

Over the years, Jericho Missionary Baptist Church has become a longstanding part of Milwaukee’s community and is notably known as “The Church Without Walls”. The concept of “The Church Without Walls” was conceived while Rev. Anthony D. Burns was on a missionary journey in West Africa. From that journey and with that concept, Jericho has had a separate youth facility that was located on 12th & Galena and at one point maintained a second location on Dr. MLK Drive.

Being a man of vision and sensitive to the move of God, Dr. Anthony D. Burns charged the congregation to ‘Reach, Build and Serve People with the Love of God’. Keeping with the vision to be a church without walls that would reach, build and serve others, it is only natural that Jericho would embark on countless outreach activities including services to the youth, elderly, families and shut-in members of the community. Jericho has also served and supported the homeless and less fortunate. Through its partnerships with local schools, nursing homes, drug treatment facilities and homeless shelters, the congregation is grounded in the proverb, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

The church is firmly committed to communicating God’s love and promoting the uncompromising Word of God as a catalyst of hope for reaching the lost and hurting people in Milwaukee and all around the world through community festivals, local and national television broadcasts, mission trips, internet streaming, CD and DVD distribution and social media.

In order to align itself and support the ministry’s vision, mission and purpose, in June, 2011, Jericho began the journey of renovating the property at 8086 North 76th Street which was a former car dealership. This would not prove to be just any renovation; God’s hand was all over it from the beginning. The economic downturn and other factors made it almost impossible to find bank financing, but this did not and could not stop the Man of God who was armed with God’s vision. Pastor Anthony D. Burns earnestly went before the congregation with a plan for the church to self-finance the project and with an overwhelming support of the congregation, the church is currently completing the renovations without financial backing from a financial institution. Job Corps, other churches, ministries and volunteers in Milwaukee and from other states showed their support of God’s work by sowing seeds of labor and finances. This journey is a testament to God’s unstoppable favor.

March 29-April 1, 2012, members of the Jericho Church Without Walls, dignitaries, families and friends from all over the country will celebrate the opening of the new church facility with weekend long activities that include a ribbon cutting ceremony; a dignitary luncheon; praise & worship services with esteemed guest, Bishop I.V. Hilliard from New Light Christian Center Church, Houston, TX; a pastors’ reception; an open house, a praise concert and Sunday service with Apostle Lennell D. Caldwell and the First Baptist World Changers Church, Detroit, MI.

Jericho’s new home shall be a place where the ministry will continue to expand God’s Kingdom by reaching the lost, changing lives and reaching, building and serving people with the love of God in the community, the city of Milwaukee and all around the world.



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