Look Who Turned 40

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Look who has turned 40. Brenda Hughes celebrated her 40th Birthday with many friends and family at ARJ’s Panache’ Dinner Club and Night Club.

Did Brenda look ever stunning and youthful in the beautiful teal colored dress with diamonds to compliment! We couldn’t even tell that this was the 40th year of life.

Brenda always wears a beautiful Colgate smile, showing all 32 of her white teeth. She flashed that smile on us all night and we loved it!

Upon enter ARJ, a card banner issue of Essence Magazine featuring Brenda on the front cover was displayed. Everyone signed the banner with happy birthday notes. I loved it!

As we moved on in the club, there was a guest gift table with engraved shot glasses, mints and candy bars with Brenda’s picture on them and a special thanks to mark the occasion. It was a nice touch.

Roz Dandridge was her Mistress of Ceremonies and ya’ll know she is a regular comedian. All kinds of folks came out to celebrate with Brenda, including: John Givens, Rosie Hooks, Sir Charles Hall, Virginia Bradley, Ieshia Seward, Chawnett Hicks, Ricky Ruir, Sharon Jordan of the Mil-Town Divas, Kern Harrison, Dwayne Johnson, Rae Green, her uncle, Lenard Sergeant, and her sister Tracy, her son, D.J Hughes and her mom, Betty Baker.

A nice dinner was laid out complete with birthday cake. A video was shown reflecting the life and times of Brenda from back in the day to the present. I won’t tell ya’ll there was plenty of laughter on those back in the day photos. Holla! The video truly showed the real beauty and spirit of Brenda. In the video presentation, Brenda paid a nice tribute to her dad, Jeffery Jones who served in the US Army and mom Betty who has worked so hard to take care of her family,

There was a short program, as  Ms. Roz truly saluted her friend Brenda for being a good friend. She showed her much love.

Many came up to salute the Diva on her day and they had us rollin’ on the floor as they shared their stories of life with Brenda, expressing love of the Diva in high fashion. She is the blossom in many of their eyes.

There were many touching moments. During one of which, Brenda’s grandmother, Ms. Jones, shared with us how she found Brenda. She first met Brenda after the passing of her son.

She knew from day one that was her grandchild. Brenda being an only child soon found out she had a sister, named Tracy. The two met for the first time when they were around 12. The two bonded from the very first day and have been inseparable every since. “We all united as family. She’s a wonderful grand-daughter and I love her,” she said.

Brenda’s Aunt Rosie stated: “we did not always get along and had our ups and downs in the beginning, until I showed her what a real Diva was and she’s been alright every since.”

Still others spoke of her kind and giving spirit. Her Mom, Betty just simply shared she knows her mama loves her.

Brenda thanked everyone for joining her as she turned fabulous 40, or as Brenda put it, “my 18th birthday with 22 years experience.”

“God has been good to me,” Brenda said. “Ya’ll could have chosen to spend your day somewhere else but you chose to spend it with me. Thank you, thank you. Thank you from my heart. I love you.”

It would not be a Diva celebration without Brenda doing the Oprah and giving out gifts to her guests, which included some of her favorite things, Bath and Body collections, Seline Dion perfume, a make-up bag and a host of other things.

Hey, Brenda I was going to sing for you on your birthday, but my voice was a bit raspy. You know I would have burnt the Happy Birthday song up, Holla! I had a great time. Happy Birthday to you!

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