Losses by 'Grand Old Party' Tuesday emblematic of how out of touch they are with the 'New Majority'

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Former Republican Party Chair Michael Steele, the first African American to hold that post within the “Grand Old Party,” dared to say what many Republicans, who saw their presidential nominee Mitt Romney lose to incumbent President Barack Obama, won’t bring themselves to admit: They’re out of step with the times and the changing demographics of the nation.
Seeing his party unable to unseat the president or gain a numerical advantage in the U.S. Senate, Steele noted his party’s “spanking,” as he put it, was well deserved and emblematic of the rejection of extreme right-wing conservative ideas by the nation’s voters.
Steele blasted his party and its leadership for pushing an agenda and ideology that alienated minority voters–especially Black and Latino voters–the middle class, college aged voters and women, all of whom voted in overwhelming numbers for the president–with its push for voter ID laws across the country, rejection of tax increases for the wealthy, attacks on women’s health care, and rejection of immigration reform.
He added the Republican Party is not empathetic to those issues that are relevant to the aforementioned groups and that it “squandered” a perfect opportunity during the course of the elections to show it was an inclusive or “big tent” party.
“The president was elected by a ‘minority of Americans,’” Steele said Tuesday night in a nationally televised interview, adding that history was unveiling itself through the election outcomes. The new movement of non-white groups is passing the Republicans by.
We’ll give Mr. Steele the benefit of the doubt that he’s had a “Chitterlin’ Moment” since being ousted, ironically, two years ago from his party’s chairmanship after shepherding in a Republican tsunami in the 2010 National Midterm Elections that gave his party the majority in the House and handed the Democrats the slimmest of majorities in the Senate.
The Republicans would be wise to listen to their former chairman.
Steele saw the writing on the wall as the election returns came in and the numbers were broken down as to who voted for whom.
Unfortunately (or fortunately for us non-teapartiers) from the rhetoric of Uber-Conservative Talkshow host Rush Limbaugh and a Romney supporter interviewed by BBC America Radio Wednesday that the country “doesn’t get it,” believing it made a mistake retaining the current administration and Democratic control of the Senate.
But we believe the aforementioned conservative hold out is the one who doesn’t get it. The times are changing in America and if the “Grand Old Party wants to remain relevant, it better get in step or be left behind in the political dust.


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