Madison High School Community Learning Center beautification project artwork to be unveiled

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Students at Madison High School CLC have been working with the City of Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works and Alderman Joe Davis, Sr. in preserving the school’s neighborhood through a community beautification project which allowed the students to paint positive, eco-friendly murals and display them on city garbage containers surrounding the school. This spring project was a requirement of the Lions Quest Program which was implemented at several MPS middle and high school CLCs this school year.

On Monday,  in the school’s community learning center, the artwork was unveiled during a news conference. Alderman Davis was joined during the news conference with Ghassan Korban, commissioner of the Department of Public Works, and coordinators of the project at Madison, Boys and Girls Club Character & Leadership Coordinator Emmanuel Weatherall, and Boys and Girls Club Manager Aisha Carr.

Also attending the news conference were individuals who had important roles in making the project happen: Helen Hamilton, assistant recreation supervisor, Milwaukee Public Schools; Brandon Clement from Sherwin Williams; and Wayne Slang from DPW.

Alderman Davis said the project clearly shows the school’s commitment to being a green and healthy school. “The murals I’ve seen on the containers are creative and amazing, and they serve as a visual reminder of how important it is to keep the campus and the neighborhood clean for everyone,” Alderman Davis said.

“I commend Madison High School CLC for initiating a service learning beautification project that also helps the neighborhood, and which serves as an outstanding example of what our youth can contribute to the city of Milwaukee,” the alderman said.

DPW Commissioner Korban said the work of the students has been truly inspiring. “It has been delightful to work with the Madison students on this meaningful project. It is very encouraging to see these young men and women involved in making their neighborhood and the city a better place,” he said.



Madison High School Community Learning Center


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