Martha Love: Union Power House

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Martha Love has been a long time community activist, political organizer and labor leader in the Milwaukee Community for over 37 years. Love was an AFSCME union representative who fought hard to ensure equal treatment of African American employees as well as other people of color.

Love’s experience is extensive and ranges from being the past chairman of the State & County Democratic Party to currently sitting on many boards such as the UMOS advisory board, AFSCME, Local 1055, AFL-CIO board, Forest County Potawatomi Advisory Foundation Board, Women Fund and Martin Luther King Annual Celebration Boards.

Love charts a course that supports and is committed to labor and its goals. She has been a voice for voiceless communities as it relates to fair wages and justice.

Love has been compassionate and diligent in her objectives to see that the unemployed and underemployed have a voice at the table of justice.

In her commitment to labor’s goals Love continues to urge people to join unions so that equality and fairness prevail in the workplace, fighting for the rights of workers in the areas of wages, hours and working conditions.

She’s tackled many stumbling blocks to protect the civil liberties of people of color.

Organized labor affects everyone because the labor community not only combats issues that affect our members; but issues affecting our community’s well being and health,” said Love, adding: “Organized labor is your friend.”

Love’s goal is to continue fighting for labor justice as one of Milwaukee’s Black history makers. Her extensive activities have provided her the opportunity to make great strides toward her goals for the community.

She has broken down some barriers of injustice in the city and believes in active participation with community groups and city hall as a route to a better society.

Love has received many awards locally and nationally for her work on behalf of labor.

Recently, she was honored by the Coalition of Black Trade Unions (CBTU) at its regional conference this past November.

As the founding member and chair of the African American Woman Fund Project, Love has provided vehicles for justice for women and children.

And on her MATA Public Access television series “What’s Going On,” she is focusing more on the human trafficking of children in our city.

Love said she became involved with this issue when four children from families in the community, ranging in age from 11 to 14, became involved in sex trafficking.

I’d like to do more to create the awareness for our community as to the epidemic of sex trafficking,” Love said in a recent interview, during which she noted that approximately 600,000 to 800,000 victims are trafficked around international borders.

Love, who also sits on the board for African World Festival, has been instrumental in getting the festival to adopt the theme for this year’s festival that focuses on children. The theme is: “Keeper of our Children.”

Another area Love said she want to bring attention to is helping children utilize greater common sense and become technologically literate for the ever-expanding information economy.

And this is only a short list of Love’s contributions to the city she loves. Love loves Milwaukee. Though retired, she will continue to work diligently to have an impact on the community and be a mentor for children.

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