Marvin Gaye’s ex-wife not happy about biopic, play

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by  Mariah Craddick

Seems like no one in the Gaye family is on board with this upcoming Marvin Gaye film Sexual Healing (directed by Julie Temple). While the late singer’s sister Zeola Gaye already expressed her distaste for the film (but is backing the theatrical production, My Brother Marvin), his ex-wife Janis Gaye isn’t impressed with the film or the play.

“I don’t think Marvin is a very happy spirit right now,” she told the New York Daily News“This is the last thing he would want to have happen.”

The play, which is based on Zeola’s book of the same name, supposedly presents Janis in a negative light which particularly bothered her.

“Some of the characterizations, like saying Marvin’s father killing him was a ‘mercy killing,’ you can only imagine how that makes the kids feel,” she said. “It makes me feel bad enough.”

She also told the NY Daily that she was happy that Lenny Kravitz, who was originally cast for the role of Marvin, stepped down.

“Ultimately, I think it was Lenny’s heart and soul and conscience that caused him to step away.”

Broadway veteran Jesse L. Martin was cast in his place.


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