Mayfair Mall and Our Children

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County Supervisor Candidate Cavalier Johnson calls on Milwaukee Community Leaders to address Youth Issues

The youth mob incident that happened at Mayfair Mall last weekend is reminiscent of disruptive events that have occurred multiple times in past years.

It’s time that this issue – and others concerning the City of Milwaukee’s youth – need to be openly addressed, discussed, and resolved by local leaders.

Within 10 days, I’m going to formally introduce my plan to address the issues of education, crime, social outlets, job opportunities, and broken homes that destabilizes Milwaukee’s central city that lead to such irresponsible behavior that shames us all.

I’m calling on all local leaders and persons of influence throughout the Milwaukee region from youth, parents, community leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, education, young professionals, the business community, nonprofit organizations and volunteers, media, recreation and all others to band together and join me in organizing a “community summit” to address these societal issues that we face together and impact us all.

One youth described the incident at Mayfair Mall as “…just having fun.” I describe it as unacceptable.

If any young person in our community thinks that this sort of behavior is an appropriate way to have fun, then we as a community need to band together and exhibit otherwise. I was born and raised in Milwaukee and some of these youths may come from the 10th district where I live and hope to serve.

Positive leadership and role models must start at the top if our efforts are to be reflected at the bottom.

Cavalier “Chevy” Johnson is a candidate for the 10th District Supervisor on the Milwaukee County Board.  Growing up as a teenager in Milwaukee, Cavalier attended Bay View High School, worked a part time job and participated in a number of teen programs offered by nonprofits like the YMCA.   Learn more at:

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