Mayor Barrett Announces Milwaukee’s Next Strong Babies

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Last month, more than 300 Milwaukee parents answered the call for casting the next phase of the Milwaukee Strong Baby campaign, a groundbreaking advertising campaign promoting healthy behaviors in an effort to reduce the city’s infant mortality rate.

Today, Mayor Tom Barrett, along with Alderman Michael Murphy announced the five babies who were chosen and presented them with a $200 savings bond.

The five babies selected are: Easton Bray (10 months), Madyson Dixon (12 months), Zaire Hamilton (11 months), Savannah Lockett (10 months), and Giancarlo Soler (16 Months).

The babies will appear in future print and outdoor advertising beginning later this month.

The primary goal of the campaign, which began one year ago in September 2010, is to raise awareness of and advocate healthier behaviors for pregnant and new mothers in order to lower the infant mortality rate in Milwaukee.

Previous installments advocated immunizations, smoking cessation and breastfeeding. The long-term objective is to reduce racial and ethnic disparities within the infant mortality rate and promote healthy child development.

From 2005-2008 there were 499 infant deaths in Milwaukee. For every 1,000 births, 11 infants died. Black infants were three times more likely to die than White infants. In 2009 there were an additional 122 infant deaths and a substantial portion of these deaths were preventable.

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