Mayor Barrett Requests Surplus Dollars for Foreclosures

Written by admin   // May 14, 2012   // 0 Comments

In response to the state’s announcement last week that there may be a 2013 general fund surplus, Mayor Tom Barrett has sent a letter to Governor Walker and Attorney General Van Hollen requesting the $25.6 of national foreclosure settlement funds captured by the Governor to plug a hole in his budget, now be redirected to families and communities hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.

“Foreclosure settlement funds should have been used to address the foreclosure crisis, not the mismanaged state budget,” Mayor Barrett said. “On behalf of struggling homeowners, neighborhoods and communities, I am requesting the $25.6 million be used to provide assistance. Families and local communities have had to carry the extraordinary burdens created by the foreclosure scandals.”

Back in February, the State of Wisconsin received $140 million of the national foreclosure settlement which was directed to families and communities hit hardest by the unacceptable practices that led to the foreclosure crisis. The discretionary allocation totaled $31.6 million.


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