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Lakefront affair illustrates power of the Black dollar, unity and civility
The annual All White Affair at Pier Wisconsin/Discovery World, sponsored by MUEA, Gee’s Clippers and African World Festival, was again a rousing success, despite problems with individuals unwittingly having bought counterfeit tickets for the event.
This slight hiccup only served to illustrate the power of the Black dollar that does exist in Milwaukee. We DO have money and are willing to go out and spend that money at an event where we feel comfortable and will get our money’s worth.
A wide spectrum of individuals from ceo’s, entrepreneurs and political figures to regular folk; from old school to nu school, conversed, ate and danced together like they were family, which–as a community–we are.
Attendees renewed old friendships, made new friends and business contacts and strengthened the bonds that make our community unique and great.
They took advantage of the warm weather, lakefront breezes and the festive atmosphere–which was helped by the presence of Summerfest nearby.
It showed that we can all get along and come together and have a good time without anyone “getting out of pocket!”
Though there were probably opportunities, people didn’t take them. Partiers were probably mindful of the mindless actions of some youths in our community who took part in a flash mob, looting a store and assaulting individuals who were watching fireworks on July 3.
Those who attended the All White Affair “showed-out” in a positive way, showing that we not only a great people, but a law abiding and moral people. Despite the stress of having to wait to use the limited bathroom facilities and the ticket snafu, people were respectful of each other focusing on celebrating instead of bickering…or looting.
Given the success of the event and civility of the partiers, all we can say is: “Let’s do it again!”

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