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Be ready for first test of state’s new Voter ID law; Sheriff’s failure to provide adequate security contingent for president unacceptable

Wisconsin’s new Voter ID law. Regretfully, we don’t think the results will be pretty. We hope we’re wrong, but we feel those individuals who feared and opposed this law, which restricts first time voters, students, individuals who have recently moved, veterans serving overseas and seniors–the very people who made the election of President Barack Obama possible in 2008–will be made prophets in their own land.

We hope we’re wrong, but we feel there will be unrest at the election polls with people demanding their right to exercise their right to vote their conscience for the individual they feel will best represent and fight for their needs and rights.

Yes, we sincerely hope we’re wrong about what will take place on February 21. The best way to prevent any clashes that may take place at polling locations around the city and county is to register now–immediately–within the next six days.

Please, prove us wrong and come to the polls already registered, with the proper photo ID and or the necessary documentation–such as utility bills or other proof of identification–prepared to vote!

Register now so you can vote on Tuesday! Yes, it’s that important, and will reveal the will of the people as to their commitment to vote in the general election this November and whether or not President Barack Obama will have a second term in office.

• We agree with Common Council President Willie Hines’ and Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway’s criticism of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s decision to scale back his department’s contribution to security for President Barack Obama during his visit to Milwaukee Wednesday.

The sheriff said his department scaled back its participation due to county budget cuts. Clearly what the sheriff did was meant to be a slap at Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s budget, which drastically cut the sheriff’s budget, leading to the layoff of a large number of sheriff’s deputies.

Reportedly, the Sheriff Department’s budget for dignitary protection was eliminated in Abele’s budget.

Though we are not familiar with how manpower is distributed by Sheriff Clarke (who, interestingly, was on vacation–in Mexico–during the presdident’s visit), we can’t believe the sheriff, with his years of experience on the job, could not have adequately shifted manpower to fully staff a contingent of deputies to help with the security detail for the president, while maintaining the security of the county.

The protection of the President of the United States must not be used as a political tool by a sheriff who is disgruntled with the budget cuts he must make in his department.

We hope the sheriff will have a good explaination for what he did when he returns from vacation. The city and county demand and deserve nothing less.





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