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Barrett and Mitchell the obvious choices for governor and lieutenant governor; vote for change June 5

It should come as no suprise to anyone who we are endorsing in the gubernatorial recall election to be held June 5.

The obvious choice to us and for the community is Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Barrett is the state’s best hope in overturning the draconian policies of incumbent Scott Walker, whose agenda has wrecked havoc on public workers and their rights, the poor, families, the elderly, children, women, minorities and individuals with health challenges.

If you agree the course of our state must be redirected to benefit its citizens and you are eligible to vote and are not “on paper,” then it is your duty and responsibility as a Wisconsinite to go to the polls on June 5 and vote! We urge you to take others who are eligible with you to the polls so they can vote. Take the time to educate them on what is at stake. Let them know that we…the people…hold the power to correct the course our state is headed in. Wisconsin is the “tip of the spear” in a politically ideological and cultural war nationally between those with power and money who are without a moral compass, and the middle class–the keepers of the “American Dream”–whose existence gives hope and aspiration to the poor. This election has implecations that will echo all the way to the November presidential election. If Walker wins, it will be a signal to the corporate oligarchy that money rules; the rights, liberties and freedoms of the people don’t matter any more!

Sounds drastic doesn’t it?

But that is exactly our fear if you and those you know who are able to don’t vote on June 5.

And since you’ll be striking a blow for the people, we also urge you to vote for Mahlon Mitchell to be the next lieutenant governor, replacing incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch.

If (and when) Mitchell is elected, he will be the first African American Lt. Governor in Wisconsin history. Given his work as president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, we feel Mitchell (no relation to the editor of this newspaper by-the-way) will bring the accumen and compassion to the position.

Though a firefighter outstate, judging from the front page photo of him and community residents, Mitchell has quickly earned the trust and respect–and hopefully votes–of the city’s Black community, a constituency that will play a pivotal role in this election.

This quick connection with the community, his knowledge of the issues–especially from a labor standpoint–make Mitchell a worthy partner to Barrett if (and when) they are elected to the state’s top position.

On June 5 we can make the “if” a done deal if we come out enmasse to vote. As we noted, our community is key to a win next week. Don’t stand on the side lines! YOU can be the change we need! Vote! Take back your state by making Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell governor and lieutenant governor respectively June 5.






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