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President Obama right in firing McChrystal; Community should be saluted for a peaceful Juneteenth

This photo provided by the White House in 2009 shows President Obama meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal aboard Air Force One. (AP-2009)

President Barack Obama’s firing Wednesday of Gen. Stanley McChrystal was not only the right thing to do, it was the only recourse we feel the president had in dealing with the general’s act of insubordination and total disrespect of Obama the man, his office, and his position as commander-in-chief of the nation’s armed forces.

McChrystal was profiled in a Rolling Stone Magazine article in which he and members of his command staff made disparaging remarks about President Obama and several administration officials who are handling the military and diplomatic aspects of the Afghanistan War.

For the president to simply reprimand McChrystal, who “was” the commanding general of the U.S. Military’s efforts in Afghanistan—as some Republicans and conservatives wanted—would have completely compromised the president’s authority as not only commander-in-chief, but in all aspects of his office and his ability to get legislation through the Congress—not to mention irreparable damage to his credibility with the American people, who would have looked upon President Obama as a…for lack of a better term…“wimp.”

We also think the president’s action sent a message to Republicans in the Congress and the hard-right conservative pundits and media mouthpieces: This president has the “intestinal fortitude” they thought he lacked to make the tough decisions that come with his office, which includes firing those individuals who exercise contempt for his office. If there is still any residue of doubt, go ask Gen. McChrystal.

The president probably handed the Tea Party Conservatives its new “darling” mouthpiece and possible presidential candidate (How about a Sarah Palin-Stanley McChrystal ticket?).

So be it. Better for President Obama to be “damned” by his critics for firing McChrytal than to be “damned” by not only his critics, but his supporters for not firing him and setting a dangerous precedent for future decisions by Obama and the presidents who will follow him.


Maybe the fact the recently held Juneteenth Day celebration along Dr. Martin Luther King Drive is now a state holiday was the reason it was so joyously peaceful and festive this year.

Some observers might credit the heavy Milwaukee Police Department presence that stretched from Burleigh to Center Street.

We’d rather give credit to the community for showing itself at its best on the day Black America celebrates the end of slavery.

On a beautiful summer day, Milwaukee’s Black community came together in brotherhood and sisterhood, respecting one another while still having a good time, being informed by the various community-based organizations that provided information on health, education, the law and civil rights.

Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious food that was provided.

We salute all Black Milwaukeeans who came out last week Saturday to celebrate our “Day of Jubilee” in the spirit of goodwill, self-respect, temperance and love; ingredients we need to display the 364 days leading up to next year’s festival.

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