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Alas, another example of the “mirage” of the “post-racism Obama era”

We hate to say we told you so (again), but…

Revelations that the owner of a soon-to-open gentleman’s club in Abbotsford, Wisconsin plans to bar Black Americans from his establishment–going as far as to post a “No Negroes Allowed” sign inside the glass door of the building where the club is located–should be proof of what we have been saying for the last two years as it relates to President Obama and the mirage of  a “post-racism era.”

In a story we’re running on our front page, the owner of the gentleman’s club, Mark Prior, says its his right as an American to discriminate, explaining that if he has a problem with someone, it’s going to be on the front of his store.

Prior has refused to remove the sign, despite protests from city officials and residents of the town.

The story reveals that Prior reportedly had issues with Black people in the past and decided to make a policy against them.

Prior says he is “sticking to his guns” and won’t back down from his ban, though he was quick to point out he doesn’t have a problem with “all” Black people, just a few “bad ones.”

Federal and state law states that its illegal for a business open to the public to discriminate based on race.

However, if Prior’s club is private, he technically could discriminate.

Prior’s action speaks volumes to what we have been saying about America’s growing racist tone: American racism has not abetted since President Obama assumed office.

It has increased with a vengeance that makes us wonder if all the racial progress we’ve made in the last 40 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is desintergrating; threatening to pull us back into an all to familiar abyss of intolerance.

If there is any consolation to the Prior situation it’s that his previous business forays have failed.

Chances are this new venture will fail too…and miserably!

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