MCJ EDITORIAL–Community and its men must expand its vigilance beyond capture of rapist to include other maladies confronting us

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On Tuesday, Milwaukee Police arrested a suspect who reportedly confessed to a series of sexual assaults on the city’s north and west sides from March 16 to April 21.

We’d like to think the suspect’s arrest by the MPD was the result of cooperation by a community that heeded the call of a group of Black men several weeks ago who stood up and said “enough” to the alleged rapist who was preying on the community’s women and teen girls.

Yes, dogged police work (including DNA samples) led to the arrest of the alleged assailant. But we’d like to believe the MPD’s job was made easier with the cooperation of a community fed up with the indecent crimes of this vile individual.

In truth and contrary to the “propaganda” disguised as news foisted upon us by the mainstream media news outlets, the community is fed up with crime, period. Since the first real warm weekend last month, there has been a rash of mindless killings in our community.

Given the outbreak of shootings, the call by some of the community’s Black men, we believe, pricked the collective consciousness of the community—especially its men; moving them to the realization that we must work collectively to end the senseless and fatal behavior.

Interestingly, since the group of 12 concerned men spoke out in front of the offices of the community organization Urban Underground on April 25, there were no sexual assaults of women and teen girls by the alleged perpetrator in the days leading up to his arrest.

Perhaps this individual realized those days were numbered and was laying low because the community’s Black men were on full alert and ready to confront any individual who looked suspicious or was engaged in questionable activity.

With the arrest, our community’s streets became a little safer for our Black queens to traverse.

We hope the group of Black men who spoke out against the rapist will demonstrate their commitment again by organizing an initiative that will draw other Black men to participate in a campaign that tells the community “enough” with not only rape, but with shootings, stabbings, beatings, distrust, disrespect, apathy and general discord that is riddling our neighborhoods and families with pain and despair.

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