MCJ Editorial: Community encouraged to help each other in aftermath of the ‘Brewtown Deluge’

Written by admin   // July 30, 2010   // 0 Comments

For a while at least, whenever storm clouds gather, Milwaukeeans and those in the surrounding suburbs will feel their stomachs tighten and their little inner-voices saying, “uh-oh! Here we go again!”

That sentiment is quite understandable given what we went through at this time last week Thursday, when our city experienced some of the worst flooding in 20 years—maybe in the history of Milwaukee.

Our community is feeling the brunt of the damages the flooding brought. Many have lost their homes due to the foundations collapsing.

Others had to throw away furniture, clothing, appliances and memories in the form of photo albums and other valued heirlooms due to flooded basements.

But a few individuals lost something more valuable than things. They lost loved ones who were caught in the flooding.

Thursday, July 22 will long be remembered for what the rain and flooding wrought on this city. Hopefully, residents and city officials have learned valuable lessons from last week’s experience and will rebuild their lives and strive to be better prepared for another “Brewtown Deluge.”

Let’s hope FEMA will do what is necessary for those who were negatively affected by the flooding and provide all the resources and money necessary to help rebuild their lives.

In the meantime, we encourage those who were more fortunate to help those who were not. Open your home to neighbors (if you haven’t already) who have had to temporarily abandon theirs, or help them clean their basements.

Look in on the elders of our community and comfort and help them in their time of need.

Volunteer or make a donation to the Red Cross, The Salvation Army and other organizations endeavoring to aid flood victims.

If ever there was a time to put the word “neighbor” back into the ’hood (and the community as a whole) it is now. Let’s take this opportunity to turn a difficult, tragic and costly situation for many into a demonstration of our humanity, generosity and sacrifice.

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