MCJ Editorial: Disrespect toward King holiday evidence of growing political intolerance

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Recently, 1290 WMCS talk show host Eric Vonn chastised on his morning radio show Wisconsin Republican Senator Glenn Grothman, who said the state holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is nothing more than an unnecessary “day-off” for state employees to do anything but attend events honoring the late civil rights leader.

We’re glad Eric publicly called Grothman out on his boorish and insulting comment regarding the only national and state holiday honoring the cultural and society-changing contributions of an African American.

Grothman’s comments serve as another example of the growing boldness of some political leaders, non-Black citizens and the Conservative media to openly express their racism and myopic intolerance towards minorities, gays, immigrants, Muslims and those who are progressive and moderate in their thinking and speech.

It is obvious the Senator representing West Bend—a community that we’re sure has few, if any, people of color living within its boundaries—doesn’t observe the holiday (which he admitted to when he called into Eric’s show to “explain” his comment) let alone believe in what Dr. King preached, marched and ultimately died for during his time on this earth.

Don’t be surprised if Grothman or another state legislator who doesn’t get it, utilizes the control and power Conservative Republicans now have in Madison to propose repealing the state’s King holiday.

We’re not trying to give them ideas. We doubt that Conservatives in the Assembly and Senate have the courage—or gone completely off the deep end—to attempt such a scurrilous act.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if during their zeal in the coming months and years to repeal laws and initiatives that help minorities, children, the sick, the unemployed and the poor that lawmakers like Grothman attempt an “end-run” and chip away at those observances our community hold dear, like the King holiday.

That is why we, as a community, must exercise the type of vigilance Eric did and call out those in power on their words and deeds whenever they run contrary to decency, humanity and righteousness…as well as common sense.

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