MCJ Editorial: Nov. 2 mid-term elections too important to ignore

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If you are a citizen of voting age who has expressed apathy toward the upcoming November 2 mid-term elections and the Wisconsin gubernatorial and senate races, you should take a look at the Republican Party’s recently unveiled “Pledge to America.”

Up until over a week ago, the Republicans in Congress haven’t put forth an agenda of its own to solve the nation’s challenges of reviving the economy, reducing unemployment, job creation and health care.

They chose instead to sit on the sidelines either saying “No” (or yelling “liar”) to President Barack Obama and the Democrats who currently hold power on Capitol Hill.

With much fanfare, the “Party of No” rolled out its agenda to cure America’s ills (and take their country back!). What they really did was introduce a plan that will make America ill—especially African Americans and other minorities, as well as the poor.

Echoing the mantra of former President George W. Bush, arch-conservative and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and hard-to-the right wing conservatives, media conservatives (and perhaps woo Tea Party extremists), the “Pledge” promises to make permanent the Bush tax cuts for the rich (which would amount to $4 trillion the nation’s treasury won’t see), as well as significantly ease the regulations on Wall Street and the “Banksters.”

Speaking of Wall Street, Republican congressmen plan to hand the Social Security Trust Fund over to the very same people responsible for an economic meltdown this country hadn’t seen since the “Great Depression” of the 1930s.

The Republicans also promised to repeal President Obama’s Economic Recovery Act, which cut taxes for 110 million families, most of whom were middle and working class.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “piece-la-resistance”: The repeal of President Obama’s universal health insurance plan.

After reading the aforementioned aspects of the Republicans’ plan to “save America,” do you still plan not to vote?

If the Republicans are allowed to reclaim the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate; if Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker beats Mayor Tom Barrett and Tea Party Conservative Ron Johnson beats U.S. Senator Russ Feingold; then we will be at the precipice of a new “Dark Age” to paraphrase a famous quote by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the eve of war with Nazi Germany.

That, in our view, is not that great a leap nor an exaggeration. The GOP plan would plunge this nation into a 21st century version of the dark age Churchill envisioned in which the rich and powerful rule while the Middle-Class continues to shrink into irrelevancy, becoming as powerless as the poor and minorities who will be pushed into oblivion.

No other election is more important then the one on Tuesday, November 2. If you love your country—regardless of its faults, if you want affordable health care, if you want to be able to reach for the American Dream unencumbered; to have a family-supporting job, an affordable home and a quality school for your children, then you should make it your mission in five weeks to vote and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

The stakes are simply too high to be apathetic! If you don’t vote, not only can you not complain; you should be ashamed!

Please VOTE! November 2!

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