MCJ Editorial: Resurrect the change on April 5, VOTE!

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Next Tuesday, April 5, Wisconsin voters will have an opportunity to slow down if not correct—to a small degree—the runaway extreme right agenda of Gov. Scott Walker.

The two races that can do that is the state Supreme Court—where incumbent Republican Justice David Prosser is being challenged by state Prosecutor and Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg—and Milwaukee County Executive, which pits Republican state legislator Jeff Stone against Democratic philanthropist and businessman Chris Abele.

Both races are a referendum on Walker. Next Tuesday you, the voter, can send the governor a clear message, which in our opinion must be that you reject his agenda and demand the type of change that doesn’t rob workers of their rights to bargain collectively and fiscally destroy—through a state budget—a city (Milwaukee) that is the straw that stirs the economic cocktail that is this state.

Simply put, this election and coming elections we predict will come about this year in the form of recall elections, is a war for the survival—if not the very soul of the middle class!

That’s not an exaggeration, not when you examine the governor’s emergency budget bill and the biennial state budget and see the extreme cuts in childcare, education, health care, and municipalities.

The pain of these cuts will be felt by the Middle Class, which is the engine that fuels this state’s economy.

Why anyone would want to destroy it is beyond our comprehension and must not be allowed to happen.

As we’ve said before the November election and the February primaries, the key to success April 5 is “YOU!!!” Yes, you hold the key to slowing the Walker runaway train. You must VOTE! You must use the power and privilege of a democracy to enact change for the better.

We urge you to vote April 5. You’ve seen what voter apathy has wrought on this state and our community, the unions, our schools, and the quality of life areas such as health care.

If you need some information on the candidates, read our lead story on the front page in which we endorse candidates who will “resurrect the change” that was lost in November.

Our endorsements should clearly tell you who must win and who must not.

Again, and we can’t say this enough community, VOTE! April 5.

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