MCJ Editorial: Sandusky child sexual abuse case should be our clarion call against this insidious crime

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It’s unfortunate revelations of sexual abuse of eight young boys by former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky is the only way for us to pay attention to—and do something about—child sexual abuse.

(It was revealed on the Al Sharpton radio show last week, by Black Philadelphia radio personalities following the case, that the boys allegedly abused by Sandusky are Black and from disadvantaged families.)

Yet here we are again, reacting to evil acts toward young boys allegedly perpetrated by Sandusky over a 15-year period.

No doubt these now young men are suffering greatly from the actions of an adult they thought they could trust without question.

Statistics reveal the crime Sandusky has been charged with has deep emotional side-effects: depression, confusion about ones sexuality, engaging in criminal behavior, drug use, alcoholism, and perhaps the victims become the victimizers, committing acts of sexual abuse towards children or adults themselves.

Sandusky’s supposed heinous actions also brought down the sports legacy of a coaching icon and stained forever the reputation of a proud university whose officials may or may not have known of Sandusky’s alleged atrocities, a number of which was reportedly committed on the Penn State campus.

Such is the fallout from a man who can only be described as a monster that pretended to be a well-meaning adult wanting to “help” disadvantaged children.

We hope you look upon the events being played out at Penn State as the proverbial wake-up call to make you realize this can happen to anyone anywhere, regardless of nationality, race, religious affiliation, class status or gender.

And the perpetrators aren’t the stereotypical hunched over, dirty old men sometimes portrayed by the media. Persons who commit immoral acts upon children can even be a relative or a member of your immediate family.

No child is safe from this diabolical crime. We urge you to contact the National Child Sexual Abuse Helpline for information and help in identifying signs of possible abuse to look for in a child—especially your own.

Their number is 866-367-5444. Another organization to contact is Stop It Now! Their helpline is 888-773-8368.

The Sandusky child sexual abuse case must be our clarion call to action against this shameful crime. Only you and the community working together in unison—with law enforcement—can bring down these monsters preying on our children.

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